Friday, May 19, 2017

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 167

This Week's Writing Links

I'm posting this week's writing links from the local hospital waiting room. My wife is in the middle of some minor surgery to fix a slight fracture in her left hand. I'd tell you how she hurt the hand, but she's already embarrassed enough about the circumstances, so for the sake of the marriage it's best I say nothing. 

What I will tell you is that no alcohol was involved that no illegal activity was taking place at the time of the accident. :) 

If you'd care to hazard a wild guess as to what happened, please add it to the comment section. I'm sure she'll be amused. 

I know I will.  

Enjoy the links and have a great weekend! 


P.S.  She's in good spirits and expects to be back to work tomorrow.

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Memorable Author Screw-Ups

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  1. Sorry your wife broke her hand. Did she catch it in washing machine?

  2. Hope everything goes well with the surgery! I tend to get all my injuries at work (I've slammed my finger in a door more than once) but never broke anything.

  3. LOL, smart man! My husband recently learned that valuable lesson too! No, I'm not sharing the circumstances, at least not yet! :)

    Thanks for the visit to my blog. As far as tours go. I can't say that I've sold tons of books, but yes, it does generate interest. I like that The Snowman will be found in dozens of different places on the web when ever anyone googles it. It's all about getting it out in front of the readers, and you never know where you'll find a reader. Each post, especially the guest posts, and excerpt posts will entice and hopefully scare up a reader or two, but it's getting your name and talent out there too! M C Tours, with Mason Canyon, is great, reasonable in price - she has several different tours to choose from - and she's organized and keeps you organized too. I highly recommend her. Good luck, when your book is ready, I'll be the first to sign on! Oh, and I've done tours myself, not as good, you need a bigger reach - go to where the readers visit. I love my blogging friends and many will volunteer to help, all good, but you also need to break away from the family. Hope all that helps, my two cents, for what it's worth! :)

  4. At least it wasn't a "hold my beer" moment! I hope your wife recovers soon, and thanks for the links!

  5. These links all look awesome, but I don't know if I have time to read them all at once. I'll have to come back and peruse again and again. :)
    I'm going to guess that your wife tripped over a curb and landed on her hand - or she went snowboarding late in the season (maybe in Canada) and fell on her hand. These guesses are based on something I might do. I fractured my foot in three places while walking in a driveway and my husband's snowboarding students are taught on day one not to catch themselves with their hands because that's a prevalent injury for new snowboarders.

  6. Another good list. I like the author screwups.

  7. Well wishes to your wife. Hope she recovers quick and with as little pain as possible. Thanks for the links.

  8. Those are some great links. I've already visited three of them. I don't know how she broke her hand, but is your jaw okay?

  9. It was a pesky fly that made her lose her temper and smack it. It escaped. She cracked some bones in her hand. Next time she should drink before going after flies with her bare hands.

    Thanks for the links!