About Ken and His Book


My name is Ken. I'm a research chemist by day and a part time chemistry instructor at a local college by night. My likes include exploring castles, reading about ancient alchemists, and teaching my kids how they too can be potions masters without blowing themselves up. And in the little spare time I have left, I write fiction. Pretty amazing considering that not all that long ago I hated writing.

Then three years ago, while lamenting the end of the Harry Potter series of books, I began to wonder how J.K. Rowling might go about writing another book. She had done such an excellent job bringing events to a close in the seventh and last book that, in my opinion, there was simply no way she could write another book without starting from scratch and using all new characters. I thought about how I'd go about doing it and soon had so many ideas that I was forced to put them to paper or risk losing them. And that's when I discovered how much fun and addicting it can be to write fiction.

Anyway, I've spent the last two to three years writing a story based on future events at the Hogwarts School of Magic. Hopefully I'm learning how to write publishable fiction in the process. At least that's the goal. We'll see.

Eventually I'll move on to a world of my own creation, but in the meantime.... Are there any crit groups/partners that don't mind critiquing fan fiction?