Saturday, January 9, 2016

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 107

Okay, okay, I know these links were due yesterday, but I had trouble getting onto the internet, and I was busy preparing for this morning's presentation of story structure for my writing group.  Still, there was no way I was going to start 2016 by missing the first Friday Links of the year.

So enjoy the links and have a great weekend!  Happy New Year!


BTW, the presentation proceeded without a hitch.

The Call to Action: Some Strategies to Make It Big

Pardon Me, Passing Through: Describing Movement

Indie Publishing Paths: What’s Your Pricing Plan? Part Two

Three Acts: Three "Things' That Can Increase the Coherence of Your Conflict

Considering the Irrationality of Your Characters

Are There Really “Secrets” to Self-Publishing Success?

Most Common Mistakes Series, Pt. 47: Ineffective Setting Descriptions


  1. I was going to ask how the presentation went - glad you nailed it!

  2. I'm going to have to check some of these links out once I get through reading/commenting on blogs! Congrats on the presentation going without a hitch :)

  3. I'm always up for good links. Happy New Year, Ken! :)

  4. Better late than never I always say. And congrats on a successful presentation.

  5. Yay for links! I hope your presentation goes off like/went off without a hitch.