Friday, January 29, 2016

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 110

Man, January is passing too quickly!  Now this isn't something you'd normally hear me say, since I typically spend the winter desperately waiting for spring to return, but this year I have bigger fish to fry.  I'm trying to finish my damn book, so every day/week/month that passes without hitting that goal, or at least making a significant dent in it, leaves me irritable.

Okay, perhaps"anxious" might be a better word, since I'm not really an irritable kind of guy.  Still, my goal this weekend is to MAKE PROGRESS ON THE DAMN BOOK."  I have two crit group meetings scheduled for the beginning of February, so it's not like I don't have incentive.  Anyway, wish me luck.

Thanks and have a fantastic, productive weekend.


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Understanding the Truth about Character Arcs

Self Publishing as a Lemonade Stand


  1. You can do it, Ken! No distractions. Just writing.

  2. Good luck! And thanks for the links. I still haven't gotten accepted by Bookbub. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Good luck!!! I'm sure you can do it.
    Thanks as always for sharing the links.

  4. I know EXACTLY how you're feeling. I'm in the same boat. Best of luck with making some progress!

  5. Grow Reader Empathy was so helpful! Thanks for the link. Get ready to feel empathetic at our next meeting ;)

  6. I know a writer is serious when he calls his book, "that damned book". Keep going. It will happen. And thanks again for taking the time to look up helpful writing links.