Friday, July 31, 2015

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 87

Last weekend I went kayaking with my daughter and almost ended up drowning.  Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that dramatic, but my kayak did flip over and I'm a terrible swimmer.  The fact that I was wearing a lifejacket and that I happened to flip over in one of the shallower parts of the lake just lessens the entertainment value of the story , so I'm choosing to ignore that part.

Anyway, I hope this weekend is MUCH more relaxing and productive.

Enjoy the links!


The Key to Writing Good Action Scenes (Hint: It’s Not Just the Action)

Advice for Authors from a Bookseller’s Perspective

Pre-Orders, Sticking on Amazon, and Hitting Best Seller Lists

4 Key Ways to Ramp Up Tension and Pacing in Your Fiction

Hacking Your Reader’s Brain

The Difference Between Setup and Setup

Three Traps to Avoid in Love Stories


  1. Hey, last weekend we took our French exchange student and went white water rafting. The guides were terrible -- let thirty rafts go at once without any attempt to space them out. There was a jam up in the first 5 minutes of the journey, we hit it, and our raft went vertical and flipped over on us. So yeah -- we were in the same position as you!

    All was well in the end, if you don't count me bashing my knee and spending the next 5 hours watching it swell up -- and our French gal getting scared enough that she said she would never do this again.

    Fist bump from another near recreational drowning victim!

  2. Yes, you must think of it as rising action, pacing, crises-on-crises. That's the way we writers relay life events.

  3. How scary! I hope this weekend is much more relaxing for you.

  4. first, i'm glad you survived!
    second, the parts you left out make it a comedy rather than a tragedy =D
    hope this weekend has a happier ending =)
    and thanks for the comment at christine's about simulation!