Friday, July 24, 2015

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 86

Nothing much happened this week, which can be a good thing sometimes .  Looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend where I can sip on lemonade and work on my story.  What more could I ask for?

Hope you enjoy your weekend too!


Finding the Right Door to Enter Your Story

5 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Email Newsletter Performance

How to Use Your Logline, Tagline, and Pitch to Create a Stronger Story

Offering Free Ebooks to Subscribers

The Key to Writing 3-Dimensional Characters

Print Vs. Ebooks – Does It Pay To Do Print?

How to Win a Twitter Pitch Contest


  1. Love the title of the first article, and I admit I have been wondering about the second to last. But when my mom has me sign copies to send to family, and when friends and coworkers ask to buy them from me, it warms my heart. I've thought about doing e-book only, but holding the paper book in my hand that first time is so special. It makes it real. I'm not sure I could give that up.

  2. Even if the right door is the back door?

  3. I like the link about the email newsletter. That's something I'm always working on.

  4. Great links, as always, Ken! Off to tweet them! :)

  5. I hope your weekend was HUGELY productive and that there was cheese involved. Off to check out some of those links.