Friday, November 11, 2011

Torturing Your Main Character

I almost didn’t respond to this week’s Warm Fuzzies assignment – to describe the worst thing or things you’ve ever done to your MC. As I’m still working on my very first book, and as my MC’s journey is still ongoing, I didn’t think I had much to talk about. But after thinking back over what my MC has been going through so far, I think I can describe his torture in one word.


Insecurity over whether anyone is ever going to accept him in his new job.

Insecurity about his age and whether he’s too young for the task that gets dropped into his lap.

Insecurity that someone will discover his dark secret.

Yep. That’s the theme all right. Although perhaps a better word would be fear. Fear of doing the wrong thing. Fear of failure. Fear of discovery.

Hmmm... Sounds familiar, somehow. Makes me wonder if the MC is really just me in wizard’s robes.


  1. I think there's a little of your MC in me, probably in all of us. Most people I know are afraid of failing, even if they've tucked it away in the back of their minds.

  2. Hmm- I thought I just posted a comment.

    Anyway, I love you have this written in. I have to admit insecurity plays a big part in my MC's journey also. I just never thought of that as an obsticle to overcome. Nice job!

  3. Oh yes. Insecurity.

    I think we can all relate.

  4. Without insecurity, I'm not sure how relatable any mc would be. If they were totally confident to do whatever we threw at them, how would we get across the fear of the task at hand. I think it's a good thing we writer's can relate to these feelings, because then we can express them well.


  5. Insecurity is a trait we can definitely all relate to :-)

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