Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspiration - Part II

Last week I posted a picture of an old church I use as inspiration for writing, but I have another source of inspiration I'd like to share. My garden.

I took these pictures this morning. As you can see, the arrival of fall has converted my brightly colored garden into a dreary mess. While most people (like my wife) would find this depressing, I have to admit that seeing my garden like this fills me with a certain joy. It's not that I'm into death and decay or anything. But this picture reminds me that it's fall - my favorite time of year - with long, mysterious nights, leaves blowing eerily across the yard, and the feeling that everything we took for granted over the summer is fading away. It reminds me of graveyards and old stone buildings and empty castles. It what I think living in and around Hogwarts must feel like.

As long as I'm working on my Hogwarts book, or any subsequent books (which will almost surely include castles and magic), October and November will always be my most inspirational (and productive) times of the year

I've spent enough time talking. Time to get back to my story. Novermber will be over soon!


  1. I love your garden, it's as though it's hibernating but the big pink tree didn't get the memo :-)

  2. your garden is beautiful! I don't have one yet... but I have a quote you might like

    Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

  3. Sarah, the pink tree is called a burning bush. Its leaves begin turning red in the fall. They'll be dropping soon. Just another reminder that winter is on the way.

    Mel, thanks. Maybe I'll put a up a photo of what it looked liked before the fall.