Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can You Guess My WIP?

This is week #2 in the Warm Fuzzies Blogfest.

Our assignment was to post a photo that we use for inspiration when writing our stories. Here's mine.

I like to wander around this building whenever I need an additional kick in the pants to keep working on my story. It's the only building like it in my area. Too bad I don't live in Britain. Sigh.

There's no point in asking if any of you can guess the type of story I'm writing, since you've probably already seen the blog's title, but I'm sure my next story will use the same photograph.


  1. Hm...I'm guessing a haunted house story? Or more like a haunted castle story. I'm smelling a butler, too.

  2. Definitely a castle. Probably haunted.

  3. I'm gonna guess:

    Katiana never knew what life was like outside of the palace grounds. Never once set foot on the other side of the large gate surrounding the castle. Until a terrible storm descends upon the kingdom and a mysterious man saves her from the threat.

    They ride horseback through the land, but there is something afoot, and Katiana discovers that the man, the land, and everything she knew does not actually exist. It is all in her mind, and she must break through to find out what is real and what isn't.

    Yeah? That's totally right, right? :)

  4. Haunted religious ghost story? Thats my totally odd guess:)

  5. I am stuck. I keep thinking about a boarding school, but that could mean anything. I sure hope all y'all doing this are going to tell us the answers in your next post!

  6. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's something to do with Harry Potter :-)

  7. I'll not give the game away since we have already chatted via emails about the subject of your latest WIP!

    The photo is great - this is a building of English Perpendicular design with buttresses. The concept of perpendicular style was to stretch upwards - reaching for the heavens. Older European cathedrals had aspects of being massive and rooted in workaday life - but this late style was about intellectual pursuit and enlightenment. It represented a transition between fear of darkness and the devil etc into the quest for truth and light.

    They are inspirational places regardless of faith. Great place to go to get in the mood for your writing!


  8. 11 year old boy discovers he's a wizard and heads off to wizard school :) ?

  9. Wow! What a BEAUTIFUL building! Hhhmm, let's see. Is it a post-apocolyptic tale involving religion and wars that nearly destroyed the entire human race? Thinking outside of the box here... :)

    Great blog! Good luck with the fest.


  10. WOW! I love love love the picture in your header! I'm going to guess that your WIP is Harry Potter, written from Voldemort's perspective?

    I've added myself as a follower. Hope you can drop by my blog :)


  11. I love the photo too, but for some reason I can't get Young Frankenstein out of my head now (i mean Frankensteen). :) Happy writing (and thanks for stopping by my site to guess my wip!)