Friday, February 16, 2018

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 182

Not much of note happened this week, so I'll just go right to the links. 

Have a great weekend! 


3 Ways to Get Book Covers on a Shoestring Budget

How To Find And Work With A Book Cover Designer

Five Traits to Help You Create Your Character's Personality

Using Third Person vs First Person Novel Narratives

A 3-Step Plan for Handling Backstory in a Series

Top Ingredients to Include in Your Book Description – Fiction and Nonfiction

Five Marketing Tools for Authors Who Hate Marketing


  1. I like that five marketing tools post. That'll come in handy in the (hopefully) near future!

  2. That last one was interesting. My problem is not so much the creation of the marketing content but more of overcoming the fear of asking people to buy my book.

  3. Ingredients? Like a recipe? I'm doomed...

  4. Always good to have an arsenal of links at the ready. Thanks.

  5. Great links! And heeeey, I'm a writer who doesn't like marketing...

  6. The one on backstory makes some good points. Thanks for posting.