Friday, November 3, 2017

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 177

As promised on Wednesday's post, I'm back to my regular twice a week posting schedule.  October was a productive month as far as my story was concerned, but the vacation is over.  Time to start posting here again. 

Enjoy the links and have a great week! 


How to Write a Query Letter in 7 Steps

3 Keys to Writing Effective Action Scenes

My First Experience with a BookBub Feature Deal

#Nanowrimo: Day One, Act One (questions and prompts)

Brainstorming Your Character's Emotional Wound

Publishing Uncovered: Big Publisher vs Small Publisher

Social Media, Blogging, and SEO Tips


  1. I remember my first experience with a BookBub feature. CassaFire fell just shy of cracking the top one hundred paid books.

  2. At a writing conference last year, we authors were told we all need publicists now in order to be seen and heard over the noise. A big publisher will give you one (if the marketing team feels your book is worth the push). A small publisher won't. That's a major difference. Little guys (gals) like me who can't afford publicists... Just gotta struggle on.

  3. That was an interesting article about the difference between the publishers. The big five might assign a publicists most of the time, but that doesn't mean that person will do a lot. The truth is, 95% of the authors out there better be prepared to market, as it will be expected of them.

  4. What Diane wrote! Thanks again for the links.

  5. Great to hear you'll be back to regular posting. Looks like there's some great tips for NaNo writers among your links.