Friday, March 25, 2016

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 118

We're almost a quarter of the way through 2016. Have you accomplished 25% of your year's goals? I haven't. I thought I was doing pretty well until I did the math. Arg!!! Back to the grindstone for me.

Have a Happy Spring Equinox and enjoy the links.


The Pros and Cons of Using a Facebook Profile But Not an Official Page
I still haven't decided which is best, the profile or the page.  Any suggestions?

5 Things Your Book Description Says About You (And How You Can Improve It)

Seven Tips for Better Pitches

How to Write a Great (and Not Schmaltzy) Love Scene

35 Posts To Help Writers Elevate Their Craft And Marketing Skills

Using Scenes of Preparation and Aftermath to Reveal Character
Screenwriting advice, but still useful for novels

The What, Why, and How of Author Platforms


  1. Great links!
    I have a FB page for Yolanda Renee, no family stuff, and one for the books. Works for me - but I'm a dunce when it comes to this stuff.

  2. Sorry, I'm not even on Facebook, so no help.

  3. Thanks for the links! I love that word: schmaltzy!

  4. I need to see how I can improve my book description. Either I'm weary of it or it's weary.