Friday, September 25, 2015

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 95

To all those who stopped by this week to read my Wednesday post, I apologize for the lack of posts. This last week has been a roller coaster ride as far as my personal life goes, so I've had little time for anything writing related.  The good news is that everything has worked itself out and things should go back to normal again.

Thank goodness!  

Have a relaxing weekend.  That's what I plan to do.


Indie Author Marketing Guide: A Primer to Social Media

Audience Building Via Contests & Giveaways

How to Market Your Book to a Niche Audience

So You Want to Publish a Book

How to Edit Fiction: Watch Me Correct My Own Story in Real Time

How to Evaluate a Small Publisher

Criticism & Reviews: How Do You Handle Feedback?


  1. I'm sitting at the top of a huge hill on a similar personal-life roller coaster, squinting and gripping the rail. I hope I have your luck with the outcome.

    Great list as always.

  2. Yay for good news and normal life.

    I like that editing article. Good information as always.

  3. Nice list as usual. Glad things are getting back to normal.

  4. Life's like that. Sometimes you're like a carom bouncing off everything around you. Glad you survived.

  5. That sounds like a good plan to me. Thanks for the links! :)