Friday, September 11, 2015

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 93

It's been doom and gloom around our house this week.  At least as far as the kids are concerned.  School started on Tuesday and they're already wishing it were over.  Me? I'm looking forward to all the extra writing time I'll have now that they're busy with homework.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the writing links!


Why Change Your Book Cover Artwork?

The Writer Unboxed / BookBub Interview, Pt 1

The Legal Side of Writing for Anthologies (Part 1)

Manuscript to Ebook: A Cleaning Guide

Let Toy Story Show You the Key to Subtle Character

Editing Mistakes: How Forgiving of a Reader Are You?

How to Let Your Characters Move The Story Forward


  1. Did you play your tiny violin for them?

  2. Funny how back to school brings mixed emotions! Enjoy your extra writing time.

  3. I like Alex's comment. I used to love the beginning of school, and then hate it too as I was the one to help them with homework. I hate homework, still! :)