Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Links -- volume 43

Another week gone.  Another week closer to the start of school. And my kids are panicking. :)  To be honest, I suspect that getting some structure back into their lives, and more contact time with their friends, will be good for them.  The downside, of course, is the homework, but that's not my problem. (At least not until they come to me asking for help.)

On the writing front, I signed up for my first writing workshop.  See Wednesday's post.  It's a small step, but somehow it makes me feel like more of a writer.

Have a great weekend!


And now for the links...............

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  1. Don't do what you're told? Now I have to click and read that one.
    Good luck with the homework they bring to you.

  2. You always have the best links! And school started this week for us. It's been hard, but you're right, routine is GOOD. And LOL to homework not being your problem. :) Sending good writing vibes your way!!!

  3. Awesome links. I wish you and your kids the best start ever to a new school year. Here's to settling in and enjoying the changes. =)

  4. I love workshops, writing course, etc. And I too feel more like a writer while I'm participating. Have fun. :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette