Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Links -- Volume 35

A lot of links for self-published authors today.  Not sure if this is due to my subconscious telling me that's the route I'll be taking when I publish or because more writer/bloggers are entering the self-publishing arena. Either way, enjoy the weekend!


What Every Self-Published Author Needs to Know About Taxes

Writing Basics: It's Exposition, Yeah, Baby!

How to Plan for a Successful Book Launch

How Emotional Peril Keeps Readers Reading

Writing Revealing Dialogue: Self-centered People and Unpredictable Outcomes

Nuts & Bolts – Back Cover Copy and Why Yours Is Bad

Tips on Making Covers or Working With a Cover Artist: Part 2

Thinking of Self-Publishing? Put These Books in your Self-Publishing Toolkit


  1. Those links might be telling you something...

  2. I'm going to try my hand at self-publishing a novella in the fall so I am definitely going to make a note of these links. Enjoy your weekend, Ken!

  3. Saw you stop by my blog and realized that I've not hit yours in what seems like forever. Not quite sure how/why that happened. Sounds like you've got some good links there.

  4. Taxes, ugh. I should click on that one, though.