Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Links -- Volume 33

Another good week for me.  The garden is almost finished (I'll post pictures later), I made good progress on my stories, and after today, I won't have to help the kids with their homework again for another three months. Woohoo!

On the downside, Hostess still hasn't gotten around to making Suzy-Qs available yet.  What's the holdup?

Anyway, here are this week's links.  I found the first one particularly useful, since I have trouble with setting. Enjoy!


The Building of a Setting

Make Your eBook Look Great and Sell it Everywhere

What Are Your Secondary Characters Good At?

Self Publishing With NookPress And Marketing To Nook Customers

How to Write a Story: The Creative Process… One Writer’s Take

The Escalation of Complications

Increasing Visibility on Amazon with the Big-Fish-Small-Pond Strategy

Novel Diagnostics—How to Tell if Your Book Might Have Terminal Problems in TEN Pages


  1. Several links I want to explore today!
    No Suxy-Q's? The horror...

    1. That's the fastest I've ever gotten a comment. Must have been the Suzy-Qs!

  2. Ooo.. links - good ones! Thanks :) As to Suzy-Q's, *sigh* guess the best things take time.

  3. Ooo. That last link looks really interesting.

    I'm with you on summer vacation, though not homework. My 'woot' is not having to get up at 5:00 am every morning. :P

  4. Nice links - they all look interesting!

  5. Thanks very much for the mention. Couple here I missed, off to check them out.


  6. Some good links concerning ebooks.

  7. We're eating squash, cucumbers, and beans from our garden, plus peppers, none hot because I don't like those. Tomatoes in a few days!

    I couldn't get much editing done on the thriller because of our remodel and asked the author to find someone else. Sigh. You wouldn't have liked it or I'd have checked. Wait... this means I should be able to critique your chapter soon. Yes!

    Suzie Q's? My weakness is Mounds or any dark chocolate with fruit and/or nuts/coconut. Yum.

    1. p.s. I read the last one. I'd forgotten about Kristen Lamb. Good advice I'm sending to the author I mentioned.

  8. YAY for summer vacation!!! how I wish I was still a kid sometimes.. ;)