Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday Links -- Volume 26

Okay, I should have gotten this out yesterday.  Sorry about that.

Before I get to the writing links, I found a link that explains why my writing desk (and every other desk I've had since second grade) is messy.  I knew there was a reason for it!  Can't wait to show this to my wife.

Why Creative Geniuses Often Keep a Messy Desk

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

What Killed it For Me #6: Action Too Early

Agent Monday: Toss Me a Hook!

eBook Formatting 101

Publishing: How To Find & Work With A Cover Illustrator

Resource Round-Up: Querying Homework

What Does it Cost to be a Successful Self-Published Author? The Dirty Costly Secrets.


  1. Crap, my desk is usually neat...
    Have a great Easter, Ken!

    1. I never could understand the concept of neat desks. How can you get anything done? :)

  2. Uh oh, I'm usually pretty neat, too. DARN IT! ;)

    1. Give yourself a chance. I'm sure you could be messy if you tried.