Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Links -- Volume 12

We're approaching the end of the year, and to be honest, it can't come quickly enough.  Why? Because it means I'll have more time for writing.  :)

The night class I teach will be finished in about a week and a half, and as of two days ago, I'm officially done with my daughter's FTC robotics competition.  The actual competition isn't until tomorrow, but there's been too much politicking and backstabbing going on within the team for my taste, so my daughter and I have decided we've had enough and have pulled out of the team.  Hopefully her joy of working on robots will return with time.

I also have a special link for you today.  The Insecure Writers Support Group now has a website and everyone should go on over there and check it out.  There's even a contest that will last until the 16th of December, so be sure to sign up.  I'm starting a rumor that the founder of IWSG, Alex Cavanaugh, will embarrass himself publicly as one of the prizes.  :)

Here are today's links.  And as always, have a great weekend!


Getting to the Core of Character Motivation

When Bad Things Happen to Good Books

The Red Roadmaster

Most Common Writing Mistakes: Weak Character Voice


  1. This time, I don't have time to pick and read one of your links. It's only two weeks until we move into our new house, and Monday I'm supposed to fly to Seattle for my family visit, and I'm behind getting things done that have to be done. Like buying a mailbox. Who'd have thought the builder doesn't furnish one?

    That's too bad about the robotics competition. My oldest son Robert won one for UF when he was doing his masters a couple of years ago. The school got a huge financial prize and he got to give a talk in Miami, LOL!

    I'm glad you're about to start writing again! Me next, ha-ha.

  2. It's very cool that your daughter was involved with robotics competition, but it's too bad y'all had to drop out. There have been some terrific competitions here at GA Tech, and I'm amazed at what some of these kids can do.