Friday, September 28, 2018

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 191

This Week's Writing Links
Photo Courtesy of Visual Hunt

The revisions to my recently completed fan fiction story are progressing nicely, thanks in part to the wonderful writers who volunteered to critique my chapters: Marirose Sanborn, Dawne Weber, and IWSG's very own, Loni Townsend.  Thanks so much!

Maybe this is a common occurrence during the editing process, but I find myself alternating between being pleasantly surprised by my words and wanting to burn them before anyone else sees them.

Fall has finally arrived and I'm stoked.  The cool weather always stirs my creative juices, which is good since I have another submission due to my critique group in a couple of days.

Enjoy the weather and this week's writing links! 


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  1. I know that feeling.
    Still waiting for fall weather though. Supposed to be mid-eighties all next week...

  2. Just cherish those pleasantly surprised moments.

  3. Every manuscript, I go through the "this sucks so bad" phase. I've learned it's a phase.

  4. Your chapters are fun and I am thoroughly enjoying them. :)

    I've encountered quite a few of those "this makes me smile" and "this makes me cringe" chapters in my own work.