Saturday, August 25, 2018

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 190

This Week's Writing Links
Photo Courtesy of Visual Hunt

I'm slowly working my way back into a regular blogging schedule. Too be honest, it's been harder to do than I expected.  It's not like I don't want to blog or that I don't have a list of things to blog about, but free time is still a precious commodity at the moment, and I'd rather work on my story than blog. If it makes you feel any better, I do feel guilty when I miss a post.

In other news, the family and I visited the Grand Canyon a couple of weeks ago and managed to hike down the Bright Angel trail for about 1.5 miles. That works out to about a quarter mile straight down, so we were plenty tired by the time we climbed back out again. (Okay, maybe our son wasn't that tired). The arrows show how far we traveled.  

It scarcely seems possible that I hiked all the way down to the bottom and back (about 20 miles) in a single day back when I was a college student. I guess if I can do that, finishing a damn book should be a piece of cake.

Enjoy this week's writing links! 


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  1. That was some good exercise. It does suck to get older and not be able to do what we used to do so easily.

    1. Yeah, I know. At least I've come to accept it with grace now.

  2. I totally get what you mean when you feel like you want to dedicate every free moment to your book. :)

    Man, that does look like a tiring hike, but a great sight.

  3. It is better to write your story than to blog, but I'm glad your working on blogging again. :)

    I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon.

    1. I can really do both, but that means I can't let myself be sucked into other pursuits, like sitting and watching TV or playing video games.

  4. Cool trip!

    I don't want to deal with the Createspace thing. Grr.

    Good to see you again, Ken. Great links as always.

  5. Time is precious for me these days cool. I hope to visit the Grand Canyon next year. Let me know the best things to do there.