Friday, January 26, 2018

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 181

Well, this week was pretty much a disaster writing-wise. Instead of making up for last week's lack of production, I doubled down and managed to write even less this week. 

I left work on Friday with good attentions, determined to spend the late evening hours writing up a storm, but then decided I was too tired to be creative and headed off to bed. The plan was to rise early the next morning and write, but that's when I discovered the family (including me) was spending the day at the North American Auto show down in Detroit. 

So much for writing. 

(Side note: The Ford exhibit featured a virtual reality simulator that made you feel as though you were diving off a skyscraper. Whoa!)

On Sunday I realized I had a beta read due for another author, so no writing on my manuscript that day either. 

Monday through Thursday was then ruined by a bout of bad intestinal flu, so I missed my Wednesday blog post--again. 

At least I managed to post these links today. Enjoy them and have a great weekend! 

Oh, and stay healthy too!


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  1. Wow, I hope you're feeling better. Sometimes, life likes to swat you down, and you've got to take a moment to build back up. Awesome looking car!

    1. My son is more impressed. I'm not that big into cars anymore.

  2. Sorry about the flu. Hey, a car show isn't a bad reason for not writing. Research. And a little dreaming.

    1. I still thought the VR ride was the best part of the show. I'm not a big car guy.

  3. Life constantly gets in the way of a good writing indulgence. Sigh. Like the links.

  4. Sorry things got in the way of writing. I sort of hit a slump lately myself, but I'm confident we'll both pull out of it!

  5. That's a busy week! Hope you're feeling better.
    Driving off a skyscraper would terrify me - even when it's VR :)

  6. I have family in Detroit.

    I've gone indoor skydiving before. OMG is it a rush!

  7. You're a busy guy. Hope you got a rest and feel better. Thanks for the links! :)

  8. Last week, I wanted to do a lot of writing, but family things popped up. I needed up doing research every day for a situation than writing.

  9. Sometimes you just have to do other stuff. You probably picked up some wonderful tidbits for your book at the auto show, right?