Monday, August 28, 2017

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 175

I've been on vacation for a few days and never got around to posting last weeks writing links.  Here they are now, since I probably won't have a chance to write my normal Wednesday post this week. 

Enjoy the links and have a great week! 


Is It Ever Okay to Lose Money on Advertising?

Making Characters Stuck in the Background Pop Out

Fixing the Mary Sue Character in Your Story

Common Misconceptions about Conflict #2: Conflict = Tension

Insights into Your Midpoint Scene

The Trouble With Action

Writing Secondary Characters That Pop—And Sell More Books


  1. It happens!

    If it pays off in the long run, losing money on advertising is sometimes okay.

  2. One thing for sure, if you don't advertise, you don't sell. Thanks again for the links.

  3. Thanks for the links! Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

  4. Thank you for the links. Hope you're having a nice vacation. :)

  5. Hope you're having fun!
    I need that Mary Sue link :)


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  7. Thanks for the links!