Friday, February 24, 2017

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 160

Photo courtesy of José Manuel Botana (Pixabay)

On Tuesday, I posted about how I'd come up with an idea for writing my first drafts more quickly. I wanted to try out this new technique as soon as possible, so of course all my available writing time for the week immediately vanished. Sigh. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the links! 


Newsletter Swapping Service Offers Authors a Free Way to Connect, Advertise 

Learn How to Pace Your Story (and Mind-Control Your Readers) in Just 8 Steps

Publishing Tip: Why Authors Shouldn’t Worry About Piracy

The Importance of the Adversarial Ally

The 6 juicy, crafty secrets to writing a character description

Should You Start a Video Blog?

9 Statistics Writers Should Know About Amazon


  1. thanks for the links! and hope you find some time to write - i know the feeling!

  2. Dude, that piracy article hits a lot of what I've known for myself for a while now. I've even said, "I wished I was popular enough that someone would want to pirate my book. That'd be an honor." And I personally hate DRM, and will strip it off any book I purchase. If I can't read it on my phone/tablet/computer/laptop without a hassle, it's not worth it to me.