Friday, January 20, 2017

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 155

My cold is mostly gone. Yay!  Unfortunately, the wife and kids now have it. I won't even bother to predict how much writing occurs this weekend.

Check out the following Dilbert cartoon.  Writers will appreciate the humor.  Due to IP concerns, I'm only providing a link instead of embedding the cartoon into this post. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of the writing links!


Story Structure and The Hollywood Formula

The Ultimate Guide to Pitch Writing

Free Books: The Dilemma

The Craft of Characterizing on the Page

Why I Launched a Secret Pen Name

The Triangle of Likability: How to Make Your Characters Come Alive

4 Core Components of an Awesome Sidekick Character


  1. Funny. Never badger a writer or you'll wind up in his story.
    Hope everyone gets better this weekend.

    1. So do I. I'm not sure we've had a normal week since the new year.

  2. Hehehe, cute comic.

    I like the triangle article. I found that helpful.

    Hope you guys better!

  3. Start pumping vitamin C down everyone.

  4. A cold/virus moved through our family starting before Christmas and ending the first week of January. Not fun.

  5. And I've got your cold as well. I'm not a good patient so this will probably last a long time. :-( Again, thanks for the list.

  6. Thanks for the links! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  7. I'm so sorry about the cold. I just got one from my baby. No fun. At least the rest of the family has been through it. Mom is always the last one, eh?