Friday, August 26, 2016

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 137

Wednesday's post was late, as usual, but at least this time I had an excuse. I underwent laser eye surgery Wednesday morning.

It all started on Monday evening at a crit group meeting, when I noticed a large shadowy object hovering around my field of vision. At first I though it was just my body's way of responding to my crit partner's comments, but when it was still there the next morning, I called the eye doctor. After a short examination, the ophthalmologist explained that the vitreous (the clear stuff inside your eye) had pulled away from the retina (not all that uncommon), but it had torn the retina slightly in the process, so he walked me next door for a little laser surgery.

This was not totally unexpected outcome, but what surprised me was when he told me the process would cause some discomfort and sometimes made his patients cry. I'd always heard that laser surgery was painless because the retina doesn't have any pain nerves. Turns out the heating caused by the laser still has an effect.

The procedure turned out to not be all that bad, although each time the laser pulsed, it felt as if someone drummed my eyeball with their finger. Not too bad really--except when it continues nonstop for ten to fifteen seconds and you feel the pressure building up inside your eye. It was over quickly and I didn't cry, although I did have a headache for the next several hours. So while you're enjoying the weekend and this week's links, be sure to savor the ability to see clearly. It's  all too easy to take that kind of stuff for granted.

Hmmm... Character undergoes eye surgery and discovers he can now see supernatural entities others can't.  Sound like a story premise to me.

BTW, be sure to check out Wednesday's post if you missed it.  M. Pepper Langlanais describes how she came up with the character names for her new book, Manifesting Destiny.

Until next week...


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  1. That does sound like an unpleasant experience, but at least you got a story idea out of it.

  2. I'm not sure I could hold still for that long. At least they caught it and fixed you up quickly.

  3. Good article on "Printing is still important".

  4. Yow. But I love the story idea!

  5. Hey, I love that story idea! You should run with it. :)
    That had to be a scary experience but I'm glad it all turned out okay.

  6. I love the link, Print is Still Important! And yes to your idea!

  7. Oh man... eye surgery... couldn't do it... I'm afraid of everything eye related...

    (And it's been a while... glad to be back to the blogging world... I've missed your blog for realz) :)

  8. Hope you are feeling better. I don't think I could stand lazer surgery. They'd have to put me to sleep first. But hopefully that'll put everything right again for you. All the best.

  9. Ooh boy. That sounds like an uncomfortable situation. I recently had to update my prescription. My eyes have gotten worse and I was having trouble seeing. New contacts, and bam! I can see. It's a miracle! I'm glad things went well for you. And great story idea. :)