Friday, May 27, 2016

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 126

Although I'm looking forward to Memorial Day weekend, the end of May means we're only one month away from being halfway through the year.  Suddenly, all those year end goals I had back in January are looking pretty daunting.  Where did the time go?

Wait, I have the solution!  If I just buckle down for three days this weekend, I'm sure I can make up for the last three or four months.  Yes, that's the ticket.

Here's hoping you're on track with all your writing goals.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and as usual, enjoy the writing links.


Making Our Books Visible on Google

How to Host a Facebook Launch of Your Self- published Book

5 Times Katniss Nailed Deep Point of View

What’s in a Name? How to Avoid the “Claire” Confusion

Creating Promotional Material That Works: Swag

JA Konrath's Response to Porter Anderson
It's always fun to read Konrath's posts.

What Those Strange Pinch Points Are All About


  1. You're going to be one busy man this weekend...

  2. Holiday weekends and summer break definitely throw a wrench into my productivity. That's why I've set modest daily word counts to make sure I get it done.

  3. My goals are nonexistent at the moment. I keep in mind that I do what I can and let it go. Since starting work, I've been floundering as an author. Thanks for the awesome links!