Friday, February 26, 2016

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 114

On Wednesday, I mentioned how some of my "New Blog Post" notifications had stopped appearing in my mailbox.  I still don't know why this seems to happen every six months or so, but I took Loni Townsend's advice and signed up for Bloglovin, a browser app that informs me when my favorite blogs have a new post.  There's no guarantee that this service won't drop blogs from my feed either, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Highlight of the week: I submitted another half-chapter to by crit group!  Woohoo!  If I keep up this pace, I may actually manage to finish my book before my kids graduate from high school. :)

Enjoy the weekend and the links!


Building Your Core: Internal and External Core Conflicts

A Marketing Tool That’s FUN!

Scene Structure: Establishing Your Setting

5 Common Problems With Endings

10 Clever Ways to Seriously Grow Your Email List

Give Your Protagonist An Anomaly To Generate Interest And Make Your Book Stand Out.

Validating the Reader's Concerns


  1. Maybe even before they get into high school! Just keep at it.
    Thanks for the link about growing newsletters.

  2. Don't know why my phone wouldn't let me comment, but I read your last 4 posts on the way here. Glad you sent pages to your critique group. Ditto for finding a new way to follow blogs. I tried to follow yours back but Bloglovin' doesn't have it. Please post it when they do. I think my blog might finally be clean but I haven't deleted the old files from Arvixe. According to my first hacker in Dec, who even sent me the code he used to get into their server, he can still see how to get in there. If you can see my site (at my new host) and don't get any warnings within the next week, I might post more details in the next IWSG. Won't do any good if nobody can read it. But I think I've had enough book blogging. I smiled when I read that you missed a post because of writing. Maybe I'll even get back to writing by next year. Not sure. Catching up on real life comes first. We bought a bunch of new fruit and nut trees for the orchard. It's been so long since I felt good enough to cook that I started some veggies from stuff growing in my fridge.

  3. Another great list. I'm going to check out the email link. I don't do enough with my list.

  4. I must check out some of these links! Hope you're having a great weekend, Ken.

  5. Thanks for sharing the links. I'll check them out.

  6. Good progress! And thank you for the links. :) Have a terrific week!

  7. I'm going to read the post about endings first. Thanks, Ken.