Friday, December 18, 2015

Seven Writing Links -- Volume 106

It turns out that today is my last day at work.  I have a new job all lined up, but I won't be starting it until January, which means I'll have a whole two weeks I can dedicate to writing.  Of course, if this vacation is anything like my other vacations, I'll be lucky if I manage to get more than a day or two of writing accomplished.  But I can still dream, can't I?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the links!


How to Know Your Book’s Cover Needs a Redesign

Cover Design on a Budget

Things to Know When Working With a Printer

Tick--Tick--Tension: Setting the Clock

How to Use Book Trailers for Successful Book Marketing

How I Wrote and RE-WROTE Cover Copy for My Novel

The Critical Importance of Crafting a Strong Opening


  1. Enjoy those two weeks! It will be like being a kid again.
    Have an awesome Christmas, Ken.

  2. Whatever you do in these two weeks, enjoy doing it! See you in 2016.