Friday, October 30, 2015

Seven Writing Links -- volume 100

Photo Courtesy Graceful Cake Creations


Hard to belief I've been posting writing links for nearly two years.  Hopefully, I'll have finished at least one book before I hit 200.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the links!


Ten Techniques for Getting Tension on Every Page

How to Make Your Hero’s Self-Sacrifice Even More Heartbreaking

How to Proudly Design 3D Book Images for Free

How to Publish an E-Book: Resources for Authors

Anatomy of an Indie Book Launch Party

What I Learned About Facebook Parties

3 Basics of Author Online Presence


  1. For a moment, I thought you meant before you hit the age of two hundred! Yeah, I think you'll finish a book before that time.

  2. LOL at Alex's comment. Have a great weekend, Ken!

  3. Congratulations on your milestone. Have some cake.

  4. Happy Anniversary. Wishing you luck on your goal too!
    Happy Halloween!