Friday, February 13, 2015

Writing Links -- volume 63

Not much new to report this week, although I received several critiques that really helped point to where I'm having problems AND gave me ideas for how to fix them.  Can't ask for anything more for that.

Now if I can only stay up late enough this weekend to apply them to my writing.  Cold winter nights make it waaaay too easy for me to climb into bed instead of writing.

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Podcasts for Indie Authors

Author Media: Do it Right

Story Lessons from South Park

How to Get a Custom Book Cover for $5 Using Fiverr

Tertiary Characters Have Their Own Issues


  1. But you're less likely to be distracted by outdoor warm weather activities.

  2. I wish it were cold where I live. Today, it was nearly 90 degrees and it's February! I'd love a cold winter night that was actually cold.

  3. I hope my critiques were the kind that gave you ideas for how to fix problems even though I didn't find many problems.

  4. I've used Fiverr for a few different services. They are great. :)

    Glad you're figuring out your writing!

  5. Awesome. Sometimes, when hit by insomnia I spend the hours researching. Of course, most my research lately has been about babies, deliveries, and pregnancy. Imagine that. ;)