Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Links -- volume 56

Nothing much to mention this week, other than the fact that my daughter's Kindle Fire stopped working... again.  My guess is that it's the battery, and I think it probably broke open.  A weird fog has developed under the screen, which moves about depending upon the temperature.  It's not water, and the only chemical I know inside the Kindle that could do this should be locked inside the battery.

The first malfunction occurred six months after we purchased the unit.  Amazon happily sent us a free replacement (which we've subsequently discovered was actually a refurbished unit). And now, one and a half years later, the replacement stopped working, showing exactly the same weird symptoms.  Unfortunately, this time Amazon wants us to pay for a refurbished unit.  :(

The Kindle Fire (1st generation) that I bought for myself three years ago hasn't had any problems at all.

I suspect Amazon is having some quality control issues with  later models.

Anyway, enjoy the links and have a great weekend!

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  1. A lot of people seem to have problems with their Kindles. Maybe Amazon is getting cheap with their products.

  2. I have a regular Kindle with the keyboard that I bought 3 years ago. Works just fine and haven't needed anything else. Hope you figure out what to do about your daughter's Kindle Fire.

  3. Same as Cathy, I've never had any problems with my regular Kindle in two and a half years. Sorry to hear you had problems, hope they can fix it for good!

  4. So far my Kindle's up and running, but there's nothing like the old paperback. The only thing that can go wrong is the reader falls asleep.