Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Links -- Volume 37

A short week for me this week, so I have fewer links than usual.  Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July.
Try not to get sunburned!

Happy writing.

Tricking The Reader By Choice

Mastering the Passing of Time in Novel Scenes

How Soon Do We Need to Show Genre in Our Novels?

6 Things to Consider When Writing Promotional Copy for Your Book

Book Promotion When Time Is Limited — What’s Most Worth Doing?


  1. How soon to show genre? First page I imagine. Will go read and see if I'm right.
    Happy Fourth, Ken!

  2. Hope you had an amazing 4th! And thanks for all the amazing links. I've got some reading to go do... ;)

  3. Great links! I definitely want to see what the Book Promotion one has to say. There's never enough time to market.

  4. Great list as always.
    Thanks, Ken. :)

  5. Hope you're enjoying your vacation! Thank you for the links.